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  • Welcome wealth in to the new year and make room for prosperity and abundance to slide on in.

    Harness the auspicious charm of our Wealth collection, made up of rough crystals chosen with the intention to attract and amplify abundance and good fortune in to your home.

    Gold Sheen Obsidian
    Believed to manifest and attract prosperity and abundance, helping to escalate money growth and the achievement of long-term financial goals.

    An excellent aid in business by opening new windows of opportunity. Said to be one of the best feng shui stones for attracting wealth and abundance.

    Better known as the stone that attracts good fortune in whatever it is you seek to achieve in life. It is also offers support when making important financial decisions.

    Product Info

    The Wealth Collection comes with 

    - 1 x 3-pocket crystal bamboo plate (10cm x 10cm)

    - 3 x hand-picked crystals (2-3cm in length)

    - 1 x Misty Rock linen crystal pouch

    - 1 x malleable aluminium air plant wire holster (optional)

    - 1 x artificial air plant (optional)


    Please indicate if you would like your plate to come with or without an artificial air plant.


    Product in image shows our crystal bamboo plate with an air plant holder.

    As no two crystals are alike, please take note that the crystals shown in the images may differ in terms of shape, size, and color, as they are after all, a product of nature.

    Note: These Gold Sheen Obsidian stones are in rough form, hence the gold sheen or gold "flash" is harder to see on rough specimens. The gold shows a lot better when held under certain light or in water. Some may have little gold and some may have more gold than others. 


    • Please pay special attention to the care cards and instructions included in your Misty Rock package.

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