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Azure crystal-Infused water bottles blend the natural healing properties of crystals with the nutritious benefits of water to uplift and nourish the mind and body.


Hydrate your way through the day and Infuse your water with the highest vibrations from real, natural crystals curated especially for this collection. 


Using Misty Rock’s signature trinity grid formation, the crystals in our Azure collection have been mindfully selected to work in tandem with our hero crystal, Amazonite, to amplify each desired intention. 


Crystals in the bottle’s vial emit their collective energy through the glass and into the water, charging it with positive vibrations that level up your liquids with added energetic nourishment. We recommend setting your personal intentions for the day while filling up your bottle and recollecting this thought each time you take a sip to remain aware of your goals as often as possible.


Misty Rock is all about appreciating the natural beauty of our planet, which is why we handpick our crystals in their true rough form - straight from the Earth and into your bottle.


We're no strangers to the other crystal-infused bottles in the market, and we are proud to say that the quality and wellbeing of our customers remains the top priority. While there are many other crystal bottles that vary in price, we ask for you to always be alert to ensure you're purchasing from a reputable source that provides real, quality and if possible, ethically sourced crystals.

Our Azure collection crystal combinations are lovingly curated, with every crystal carefully handpicked according to intention, charged and cleansed, together with your bottle. 

This is the Misty Rock promise.

Our crystals come from family-owned mines from all corners of the world with whom we have built personal relationships with. The rocks you receive are mined responsibly and uphold a certain quality.

We also do not encourage direct contact with crystals and water, as crystals are porous and may even contain certain toxic elements which could prove poisonous when consumed. This is why our crystals are stored in a  glass vial, so you have easy access to remove them, charge them or even meditate with them as you please!



The enchanting turquoise-blue tones of this ancient stone captivates with purity and strength, in resemblance to tropical waters that sooth the eyes, mind and soul. 


Named after the famed river itself, the ‘Amazon Stone’ helps establish a healthy energetic balance and imparts empowerment to each individual’s road to self-discovery, which is also why it’s known as the Stone of Courage and Truth.


Browse our Azure collection to find out more about the unique qualities of Amazonite in each crystal bottle and how they amplify the complementing properties of other crystals to cultivate each respective collection’s intention.



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