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  • Amazonite, Rainbow Moonstone, Chrysocolla


    Contrary to popular belief, the qualities of the Divine Feminine have nothing to do with what our masculine-led society dictates. The time to embrace a new sacred, sensual perspective of what feminine truly means to you is now. Open your heart and mind to femininity that awakens your highest potential as it ignites a new found confidence within, encouraging you to make your own definitions, empowered by your own strengths. Reconnect with the self-nurturing beauty that bonds us to Mother Earth and invite your inner goddess out to shine bold and bright.



    Color: Turquoise-blue


    Said to have encrusted the shields of Amazonian female warriors for protection, it’s no surprise that Amazonite works particularly well with feminine energy. It helps to summon one’s inner strength, compassion and self-esteem, teaching us to honor and respond to our feelings while guiding us towards an insightfully healing journey of self-discovery.


    Rainbow Moonstone

    Color: White with black inclusions


    Like the waxing and waning phases of mother Moon herself, Rainbow Moonstone attunes the female’s natural hormonal cycle. It helps women unveil their feminine intuition, dispelling negativity and supporting the balance of emotions for healthy channels of self-expression.


    Color: Green-Blue


    Strength, communication and forgiveness are just a few of the many peace-loving qualities of this stone of empowerment. Invoke the energy of your inner Goddess, which encourages expression through grace and loving-kindness. Particularly known as a stone of wise women; it helps to impart their highest knowledge to the people around them.

    Divine Feminine


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