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  • Amazonite, Pyrite, Aventurine


    The first step to living an abundant life, is to break away from negative patterns or beliefs that may have welded our foundation to believe that the road to prosperity and success is an uphill battle that is tiring, tedious and difficult.


    This mindset may most likely be one of the biggest deflectors to receiving anything positive that has been trying to make its way to us. Shifting our perceptions to believe that receiving abundance is natural and possible will create a shift sooner than you expect. With the help of our Abundance bottle, you’ll be well on your way to making this change happen.



    Color: Turquoise-blue


    Nicknamed the Stone of Success and Abundance is evident enough of the lucky qualities it brings as it clears unwanted negative blocks that may steer you off of your path towards luck and success, attracting prosperity and opportunities particularly in business.



    Color: Gold/Silver


    One of the most popular crystals used in Feng Shui for its strength in attracting wealth and luck. Pyrite sweeps up unwanted negativity and tunes your energy to receiving a steady flow of abundance for growth and success. It can also help purify the body and pump in vitality during stressful times.

    Green Aventurine

    Color: Green


    If the color alone isn’t a giveaway to its lucky energy, this prosperous stone opens doors to explore alternative paths and possibilities. It heals from the heart, warmly welcoming an abundant flow of love that soothes and comforts emotions.



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