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  • Featured Crystals: Amazonite,  Labradorite, Tourmaline Quartz 


    Have you ever started your day brimming with energy but find yourself absolutely drained by the end? Perhaps you’ve felt your mood brighten up instantly at the sound of your favorite song? These are in fact, perfect examples of how our environment and the elements around us impact our energy on a daily basis.


    We easily radiate and absorb positivity and negativity, which is why learning how to protect and strengthen our energetic fields is an ability that is extremely beneficial to both ourselves and the people around us. This awareness helps us to better understand and be in control of what we allow to affect our vibe.



    Color: Turquoise-blue


    Trust in the calming qualities of Amazonite to bring order to the chaos of the everyday, doubling up as an excellent block against EMF emanations from electronics. It aligns you to remain focused on staying true to your goals by dispelling negative, conflicting influences that try to get in your way.



    Color: Grey/black

    Clocking some major street cred in the mineral kingdom, this crystal packs significant protective power that strengthens the auric field. It uplifts emotions and accentuates the inner confidence you need to triumph insecurities and self-doubt, guiding you towards materializing your dreams.


    Tourmaline Quartz

    Color: White with black strips


    Combine the grounding, protective qualities of black tourmaline amplified by the energy of the ever-powerful clear quartz and you get a protective forcefield to be reckoned with in a single crystal. This stone serves as a balance to our ‘yin and yang’ by detoxing and deflecting any incoming negative energy.






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