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  • Amazonite, Chevron Amethyst, Apatite


    Clarity comes from knowing what you want and making a decision to move in the direction to get there. Having clarity on your goals makes them all the more powerful and exciting to journey towards. Empty your mind of discouraging thoughts and fill them instead with focus and confidence, letting your passion and love guide you towards a rewarding outcome.



    Color: Turquoise-blue


    Let the calming colors of greenish blue liberate you to communicate your intentions loud and clear, enabling you to focus on your goals clearly and without the noise of unnecessary emotions that may often cloud our thoughts.


    Chevron Amethyst

    Color: Purple with white


    A combination of amethyst and white quartz, this stone creates an illumninating force field of protection around its owner, deflecting unproductive, negativity. It enhances intuition and unveils your highest potential, creating a clear vision of your goals and desires for you to work towards.



    Color: Dark Blue


    Are you ready to step in to your personal power? Blue Apatite motivates and stimulates concentration as well as accentuates creativity. It ignites ambition and independence as it empowers clear manifestations of our desired intentions with positivity and inner-confidence.



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