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  • There’s so much more to good health than just getting the right amount of nutrition, exercise and sleep; it’s also about creating a mental, emotional and to some, spiritual balance which contributes to overall happiness and wellbeing.

    Supplement yourself with our Health collection – an ensemble of rough crystals , charged with the intention to enhance immunity and stimulate chi for an all-rounded flow of wellness from body to aura.

    Black Obsidian
    Sucks up negative energy from your surrounding and aids in the release of addictions, disorders and negative emotions which include feelings of resentment, fear and anger.

    Red Jasper 
    Enhances stamina and endurance gently yet steadily, increasing the amount of chi in one's aura. It offers emotional comfort and mental stability in times of worry and stress.

    Helps detox and cleanse the organs while regulating and purifying blood flow, giving the body a major boost in energy and strength.

    Product Info

    The Health Collection comes with 

    - 1 x 3-pocket crystal bamboo plate (10cm x 10cm)

    - 3 x hand-picked crystals (2-3cm in length)

    - 1 x Misty Rock linen crystal pouch

    - 1 x malleable aluminium air plant wire holster (optional)

    - 1 x artificial air plant (optional)


    Please indicate if you would like your plate to come with or without an artificial air plant.


    Product in image shows our crystal bamboo plate with an air plant holder.
    As no two crystals are alike, please take note that the crystals shown in the images may differ in terms of shape, size, and color, as they are after all, a product of nature.


    • Please pay special attention to the care cards and instructions included in your Misty Rock package.

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