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  • Nothing brings more joy to a home than the unconditional love and companionship of a pet. Be it a cat, dog, bunny, gerbil or parakeet, animals form a deep emotional bond to our lives like none other.

    Keep your pets happy and healthy with the help of our Pets collection, a tri-stone ensemble of rough and polished crystals, charged with the intention that prioritizes your pets wellbeing across all physical and emotional aspects.

    Black Obsidian
    Exudes a warm and friendly presence to pets that helps ailments such as fearfulness, restlessness and aggression. It’s also known to offer comfort by reducing pains in animals with joint problems and arthritis.

    Injects a sense of fun and adventure into your pet’s home environment. Carnelian deeply relaxes emotions and creates a harmonious balance for a happy, contented pet as well as aids pet skin problems.

    Blue Calcite
    Great for nervous, highly strung pets. Relaxes and soothes the nerves, relieves anxiety and even helps with sleep issues. You can also use Blue Calcite to help your pet recuperate after surgery or to help him/her settle in to a new home.

    Product Info

    The Pets Collection comes with 

    - 1 x 3-pocket crystal bamboo plate (10cm x 10cm)
    - 3 x hand-picked crystals (2-3cm in length)
    - 1 x Misty Rock linen crystal pouch

    - 1 x malleable aluminium air plant wire holster (optional)

    - 1 x artificial air plant (optional)


    Please indicate if you would like your plate to come with or without an artificial air plant.


    Product in image shows our crystal bamboo plate with an air plant holder.

    As no two crystals are alike, please take note that crystals shown in the image may differ in terms of shape, size, and color, as they are after all, a product of nature.


    • Please pay special attention to the care cards and instructions included in your Misty Rock package.

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