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  • One of the most crucial environments that contribute to our personal wellbeing, the work place is where we spend majority of our time, pushing ourselves to maximize our potential, striving to succeed, creating new connections, and discovering new talents.

    The Work Place Collection crystals make the perfect desktop companion to elevate your best potential, shield you from unproductive energy and open doors to abundance in the work space.

    Gold Sheen Obsidian
    The perfect stone to help you discover hidden talents, unravel your true calling and attract wealth. It also helps to expose and release ego conflicts and power abuse, while protecting you from unwanted negative energy from your surroundings.

    Not only is it the ultimate symbol of wealth and good luck, it increases willpower and motivation. Pyrite 
    provides encouragement, positivity and uplifts the mood, especially during the more trying days.

    Brings focus to the mind, offering clarity and direction by clearing up brain fog from stress and 
    fatigue. It is stimulates concentration with the ability to absorb and retain information.

    Please note that the fluorite you receive will not be the exact color as the one shown in the product image. Refer to notes below for more information.

    Product Info

    The Work Place Collection comes with 

    - 1 x 3-pocket crystal bamboo plate (10cm x 10cm)

    - 3 x hand-picked crystals (2-3cm in length)

    - 1 x Misty Rock linen crystal pouch

    - 1 x malleable aluminium air plant wire holster (optional)

    - 1 x artificial air plant (optional)


    Please indicate if you would like your plate to come with or without an artificial air plant.


    Product in image shows our crystal bamboo plate with an air plant holder.


    Important Notes:


    Raw Fluorite

    Please note that colors of raw fluorite range from greens, purples, blues and whites as no two crystals are the same. The fluorite you receive will differ in color and size from the crystal shown in the picture. If you are unsure, please reach out to us to check on the fluorite that we have in stock at that particular time before making a purchase.


    As no two crystals are alike, please take note that crystals shown in the image may differ in terms of shape, size, and color, as they are after all, a product of nature.

    Gold Sheen Obsidian

    These Gold Sheen Obsidian stones are in rough form, hence the gold sheen or gold "flash" is harder to see on rough specimens and in comparison to tumbled/polished stones where sheens and colors are more prominent due to the man and machine treatment.


    The gold sheen can be seen better when held under certain light or in water. Some may have little gold and some may have more gold than others.  


    Work Place

    • Please pay special attention to the care cards and instructions included in your Misty Rock package.

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